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Frequent questions
Below you can find a list of questions that our customers often submit us.
If you don'find the answer you are looking for, please use the appropriate section contacts to send us your request immediately.

  • Why i should tune my Ecu?
    Tuning your ECU allows you to unleash the real potential of your vehicle. The manufacturers have taken a spending review policy by implementing different market strategies compared to the past years. This has meant that to differentiate the various power delivery in the price list, the manufacturer is no longer developing specific engines; in these days the preferred way is to have a single version of the engine with specific limiters inserted in the engine control unit which reduce torque and power of the less performing versions. We can summarize the advantages of tuning in: Increase in Torque and Power: our calibrations are specifically studied on each single model taking into strong consideration the mechanical limits, in order to unleash the full potential without ever affecting the reliability of the vehicle that remains the most important aspect for us. Improved delivery output: our calibrations allow you to optimize the entire delivery range of each engine, filling any uncertainties or gaps during acceleration, for a more responsive and linear engine. Increased acceleration: our calibrations are studied and tested to improve readiness performance in acceleration phase with particular attention to the most used engine speeds. Consumption optimisation: thanks to the high torque gains, in turbo engines, the reduction in consumption is significantly noticeable in combined cycle use and at constant speeds. Furthermore, through specific processes it is possible to solve serious problems related to mechanics and obtain personalized effects in sound and driving effects.
  • How the Ecu will be calibrated?
    Each model will have its own custom tuning. Only after download and carefully analyzed all the data present in the ECU, our development department proceeds to make the necessary changes to achieve the required result. Our calibrations are subjected to numerous tests that allow us to guarantee maximum quality and reliability.
  • Can the calibrations be customized?
    Yes, we always try to take the account of our customers' requests as long as these do not affect the engine's operating parameters.
  • Why prefer OEM Ecu flashing over Add-ons modules?
    Add-ons modules work very differently than a OEM ECU flashing. In fact, very frequently, these modules do not modify the operating parameters but distort the real reading of the data coming from the sensors installed on the car. This behavior does indeed produce a moderate increase in power, but, first of all, it seriously affects the reliability since the ECU, by reading wrong data, cannot actuate all the strategies for the protection of the engine parts. The flash of the ECU, on the other hand, turns out to be a complete operation since all the operating parameters are updated, adapting them to the new needs without excluding the protection strategies specifically inserted by the manufacturer to protect the mechanics in extreme cases .
  • I just bought the car, is it better to wait?
    There isn't a precise time to wait before proceeding with the tuning. On new vehicles it is possible to carry out the work immediately without any contraindications. Only in the case of particular sports cars where a minimum running-in period is required, it is advisable to wait for this mileage to expire (2/3,000 km).
  • How i should deal with my dealership?
    We only use official instruments for reading/writing ECUs. This allows us to leave no trace of the operation and to make it invisible even to the diagnostic testers of the manufacturers. Services and overhauls can be carried out regularly at official dealerships without specific precautions.
  • Can I restore the original software?
    We always keep all the original configurations of the vehicles we have worked on. We offer to our customers opportunity to restore without any additional cost the vehicle to its original condition at any time we are asked.
  • Engine life and reliability?
    Reliability remains one of our main points of reference when developing our calibrations. We always take into strong consideration the mechanical limits of each engine and all its components, committing ourselves never to exceed the design parameters of the manufacturer. Our services (combined with correct maintenance) do not lead any reduction in the life of your engine.
  • Which warranties do you provide?
    Confident of the quality of our calibrations, we are committed to give a 1 year guarantee starting from the date of installation on the purchased software product. This provides that no further costs are charged in the event that the software does not comply with the specifications estimated and/or agreed with the customer. As it is not possible to estimate the goodness and the past of the mechanical components as well as the maintenance plans carried out, the warranty cannot cover these components.
  • Who promise more?
    The performance gain can never be a standard value since it is greatly influenced by the type of components installed in the vehicle. Our calibrations are the result of the best compromise between performance and reliability.
  • How can I book an appointment?
    It is possible to book an appointment for our services, by telephone or by e-mail a few days before the desired date at: 3894856997 -
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